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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


I am Mrs Bennett, the class teacher. Our TA is Mrs Nikaj and we are helped by MrsWalker and Mrs Lydon. 


We have a busy year ahead of us and I am looking forward to every step of it and seeing the fantastic work that the children will create.


Children will bring home a zip wallet every day that includes all their important resources. Please make sure this is sent back into school every day. There is a laminated alphabet sheet, name tag and white board pen for them to practise their cursive handwriting. There is a polly pocket with their reading book and reading journal. Please spend a little time every night listening to your child read and then sign in their journal to say you have heard them. When they have finished their book, please indicate this so they can do a quiz on it and then change their book for a new one. There is also a laminated hundred square in there for children to use to practise counting to 100. Homework books will be sent home in this zip wallet every Friday. Homework books are then due back again by Wednesday. Children are expected to complete one piece of English and one piece of Maths homework every week. At least one piece of topic homework is also due throughout the term. Homework is not meant to be hard and should not take them too long. It is designed to be an extension of the work we are doing in class and should assist in their learning and understanding. Please support your child in completing their homework each week as any practise they have at writing or using numbers will assist us hugely in class. Any letters or other resources will also be sent home in this wallet. If there is anything you or your child needs to help with their learning, please come and see me and we can do what we can to help.


PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon so please make sure full PE kits are in school every week. 


Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

I am really looking forward to the year ahead.

Mrs Bennett

Language Through Colour  (21/9/19)

Please see below the 'Language Through Colour' document. This is what I have been using in class to help the children identify the different parts of a sentence. We have been looking at orange 'what' words or 'nouns' (these are objects or things like fire, smoke, house, street), green 'what like' words or 'adjectives' (these describe the noun - red, hot, blazing, wooden, angry), yellow 'what doing' words or 'verbs' (these are action words - running, screaming, walking) and yellow and green spotty 'how' words or 'adverbs' (these describe how something is being done - quickly, slowly, quietly, angrily). Please have a look at these and use them at home to support with the learning we are doing in class. The more familiar the children become with these, the more confident they will become with using them in their writing. 

Many Thanks

Mrs Bennett

Language Through Colour

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