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Thursday 08/07

Good morning everyone.

We're nearly there - well done all of you for staying so positive during this week of isolation. I'm fantastically proud of each and every one of you! 


If you fancy a fun game of Boggle, or maybe even challenging our reigning kings and queens in the cutlery game, we'll see you at 9:30am. Otherwise Year 6 - I'll see you all at 1:45 for some more of our book.


Don't forget to keep working on your memories. Get them recorded and email them to me if you can!


Today's activities (can be done in any order)

  • LBQ
  • Memories paragraphs
  • Art - Op-art
  • Maths challenge 1 - countdown!
  • English game - BBC Bitesize Crystal Explorers
  • Science - catch up on the Science Jamboree live show all about illusions and surprising science



Today's code is:


Today we will be creating another example of op-art: art which creates an optical illusion and plays tricks with your mind. Have a go, and email me some pictures when you're finished.

Easy, effective OP-ART drawing activity.

Maths - challenge 1:

Have a look at the Topmarks! Countdown game challenge. Choose the right hand column which includes brackets, then choose whether you want the total within 20, 100 or 500 - remembering to challenge yourself. Use the numbers and the operations to create the target number - good luck!


Click on the link to go to BBC Bitesize and have a go at the Crystal Explorers game. 

Your adventure begins here...

Play as one of our brave, intrepid explorers on an adventure through five fantastic maze worlds.

Collect the crystal shards as you go, unlocking the challenges and using your knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling to solve the fiendish puzzles.

Watch out for baddie Salty Dan, he is determined to steal your crystals and use them for his evil plan! Can you work your way through the levels to unlock golden crystals in every level and topic, and stop him in his tracks?


Have a look at the science talk Mrs Martin was going to look at with you last term. It's all about surprising science and illusions - so it ties in perfectly with our op-art activity.