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Geography- Implementation

St Richard’s teachers use the Rising Star’s Geography complete curriculum programme which provides three half-termly units of work per year group to engage pupils and encourage curiosity about their own locality and the wider world.

From Year 1 to Year 6 the scope of each unit increases, expanding from the pupils’ own environment to the wider world.  Place studies start local and increase in scale to regional, national and global, allowing for revisiting, developing and challenging ideas and concepts. Similarly, consideration of the weather and seasons progresses to more in depth study of the importance of climate and finally addresses protecting environments from global warming and combating climate change. Some units are essentially human geography, other physical geography, but most are holistic geography, considering human and physical geography together – the real, undifferentiated world of the pupil. These topics also complement the Rising Star History curriculum which is also followed throughout the school, allowing for meaningful links between the pupil's Geography and History learning  and understanding.