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Design Technology- Implementation


Our Design and Technology curriculum is based on our Progression of Skills document which follows the ‘Design, Make, Evaluate’ approach as outlined in the National Curriculum. As children progress through the school, from Early Years to Year 6, they build upon their skills and knowledge of Construction, Mechanisms and Textiles.


Healthy eating, nutrition and cooking skills are also important parts of the Design and Technology curriculum taught here at St Richard’s. Children learn the importance of hygiene when cooking, as well as how to prepare food safely, with cooking becoming more complex as the children progress through the school, in preparation for life beyond school.


Children draw upon their knowledge of Mathematics, Science, Computing and Art and Design in their Design and Technology learning, which enables them to see the real-life applications of their learning. Additionally, as our Curriculum Intent shows, by embedding our Design and Technology learning into our Project, children see the purpose of what they are making.


Design and Technology is a creative, child-led, investigative subject at St Richard’s. Children explore their ideas and think critically about how best to solve problems. We provide children with the skills and equipment they need to make quality products. We then coach children through the process of evaluating their final product and the processes involved.

Alongside the teaching of Design and Technology, we also run Design and Technology competitions, where children’s work out of school can be celebrated and evaluated in celebration assemblies.