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Progression of Skills Document

Year 1 DT

In Term 1, Year 1 thought about how Mr Grinling could keep a sandwich safe from pesky seagulls. They planned how to make a reusable sandwich wrap and then made the sandwich wrap. The children made their own sandwiches and then had a picnic!

In Term 2, Year 1 designed and made scarves to keep the snowman warm! First, the children learned about weaving and then they felted the wool, weaving the different layers together.

In Term 3, Lighthouse class learned how to make a moving picture, using levers, push and pull. The children made a moving picture of Paddington causing chaos in London!

In Term 4, Year 1 learned about wheels and axles and designed and built their own moon buggies to help Bob with his work on the moon!

In Term 5, Year 1 designed and built landmarks for Emma Jane, the main character from our class book, to visit. Can you spot the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and Dover Castle?

Year 2 DT

Year 2 made moving Christmas cards!

Year 2 designed and created their own polar landscapes!

Here are some of Year 2's fabulous moving Easter cards!

Year 4 DT

In Term 3, Year 4 made their own papyrus as part of their Project.