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Kearsney Class

Hinduism Day: Belief about God/Brahman and Trimurti


During Hinduism Day, Kearsney Class were learning all about the Hindu God Brahman. In our learning, we read through information sheets, watched videos and listened to peers explanations. 


We found out that the that Hinduism is not a Polytheistic religion (believing in more than one God) which is what we originally thought when we saw the different dieties. We know now that Hindu’s believe in one God, Brahman, who is presented in many different ways (deities).


We learnt that, if we want Brahman to do something for us, we would pray to the deity that represents that particular action or behaviour. There are many dieties but we learnt about the main 3. They are called the 'The Trimurti' and they represent the cycle of life.


Brahma is the creator. If I wanted Brahman to create something I would pray to Brahma.

Vishnu is the preserver, he maintains and preserves things. 

Shiva is the destroyer.