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Throughout their time in EYFS, we want the children to develop a strong sense of belonging to our school family and community, getting ready to transition into Year One.  Over the year in EYFS, the children will grow in strength and confidence to make choices, self-evaluate and become lifelong learners, who are kind and thoughtful young people.


-We aim to work together with parents and carers to encourage happy, independent learners who strive to do their very best and reach their God given potential.

-We aim to understand and follow the children’s interests and enthusiasm by providing opportunities throughout the EYFS curriculum to support their learning, consolidate and strengthen their knowledge and skills, helping them to reach their goals.

-We aim to create an inspiring indoor and outdoor environment that supports and excites the children’s learning.

-We aim to prepare the children to reach their Early Learning Goals at the end of the Foundation Stage, making sure that each child makes good progress from their individual starting points.

-We aim to support and help with the transition into Year One.

-We plan the curriculum allowing the children to develop their essential knowledge and skills on a daily basis

-We aim to develop the children’s spirituality, interdependence, creativity, independence, thinking skills and ability to challenge themselves.