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P.E.- Implementation

How do we translate our intent into practice?


Our PE programme (medium and long term planning) and curriculum overview are designed to allow all pupils at St. Richard’s the opportunity to achieve the curriculum aims. They are written specifically to meet the needs of our pupils to allow them to achieve their full potential in a fully inclusive approach. This will be achieved by:

· offering a differentiated curriculum to develop competence in a broad range of physical activities (medium, long term planning).

· Sustained periods of physical activity (Minimum of 2 hours of curriculum time a week).

· promoting and encouraging relevant social and self-help skills.

· developing a pupil’s mental health and well-being.

· raising pupil’s expectations of themselves.

· offering a variety of teaching and learning styles.

· building on pupils existing skills and engaging them in competitive sports and activities.

· promoting gifted and talented pupils within P.E in school and gaining access to out of school opportunities for gifted and talented pupils. Promoting intervention to develop the pupil further.

· promoting school club links where ever possible.


To promote a whole school Physical Education curriculum, offer, relevant for each pupil. This will be achieved by:

· developing and improving personal psycho-motor skill levels, both gross and fine,

· understanding, developing and maintaining a reasonable fitness level, with a positive attitude towards hygiene,

· enjoying physical activity in its many forms,

· promoting out of school participation in sport, competitive and non-competitive,

· developing and applying skills, wherever possible, to the highest level,

· appreciating and understanding the performance and efforts of others,

· promoting and developing attributes integral to any physical education lesson e.g. confidence, tolerance, determination, resilience, self-esteem, personal discipline and satisfaction and appreciation of others,

· promoting, whenever possible, external accreditation within the subject,

· developing a healthy lifestyle.

· developing and promoting the skills of swimming and personal survival in water.