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Through P.E. at St. Richard's, we aim to ENRICH


E – Educate: We explore to engage a love of learning into the 3 areas of Physical Education (Physical, Cognitive & Socio-emotional).

N – New experiences: We strive to care and expose children to new sports, exercises and activities while they continue to grow.

R – Resilience: We encourage and support children to overcome challenges as an individual and/or in a team.

I – Imagination: We work to inspire the children to be creative and resourceful in competing, learning or creating their own games and challenges.

C – Confidence: We provide many opportunities for children to grow in self-belief and self-esteem on their abilities and on themselves.

H – Health: We help the children to know the importance of being healthy, in mind, body and spirit (to look after their thoughts, fitness and beliefs).