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Richard’s Catholic Primary School, Dover:

A-Z Family Support Signposting Document

Q 1. What is the Family Support A-Z Signposting document?

It is a simple on-line data base of approximately 60 organisations, many local to Dover, comprising brief easy to read description(s) of their activities and what they are offering in terms of help and advice to parents and cares in order to improve family and pupil welfare during the cost-of-living crisis.

Q 2. Why has the A-Z Signposting document been created?

Parents and carers are very busy people most juggling the joint challenges of work and family life. Consequently, they may not have the time to undertake searches and / or be aware of the variety of help and advice available to them, or where to find it.

This document contains the results of extensive searching undertaken of their behalf and collated them into one document with 9 alphabetically sections spanning: Benefits, Churches, Education, Families, Food, Health and Wellbeing, Housing and Homelessness, and Money.

Q 3. Where can I find the A-Z Signposting document?

The document can be found on the St Richard’s School Web Site under the dedicated ‘Parents’ section and called Family Support and in 3 clicks of having logged onto St Richards Web site.

Q4 When will the A-Z Signposting document available to view?

The document has been available to view on the school web site from late September 2022. The document will be updated on a regular basis to ensure it remains contemporary.

2.5 How can the A-Z Signposting document be viewed:

The document can be viewed at any time on a variety of devices that can access the school web site. We wish you successful searching.