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Maths- Implementation



We follow the White Rose Maths scheme of learning to ensure full curriculum coverage. Within this scheme, each National Curriculum objective is broken down into fluency, reasoning and problem solving and our teaching staff use mathematical challenges to teach for mastery – an approach that can extend and deepen the understanding of pupils within each year group.


Carefully shaped lessons and meaningful resources that secure fundamental maths skills and stimulate deep conceptual and procedural knowledge underpin our maths curriculum. At St Richard’s, we value the importance of arithmetic and children are taught daily sessions to reinforce key skills and improve fluency. We ensure lesson objectives are shared in small steps and children are sufficiently challenged with through a range of other resources such as PIXL.


Children at St Richard’s are exposed to the ‘CPA’ approach:


Concrete: manipulatives and concrete objects are carefully used for children to explain and understand what they are doing. 


Pictorial: children use pictorial representations to support their reasoning and solve problems. 


Abstract: Once the foundations are secure, our children can confidently develop onto the more abstract use of numbers and key concepts.