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Term 3


In Term 3, we are recapping and extending our knowledge of biography writing. We will explore lots of different people who have had a biography written about them. We will look at a range of influential people from the past and present. We will then try to write a biography on a famous person, David Attenborough. Following on from this, we will explore writing non-chronological report based on animals.




This term we will continue looking at multiplication and division of our tables knowledge of the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. This will lead into learning how to multiply larger numbers together such as 2 by 1 digit numbers using a formal written method for both times and divide.  Finally we will aim to apply this to our learning of perimeter and area. 


Project (Geography)


This term, we will learn about the different ways of communicating geographical data, particularly through different styles of maps. We will learn to read weather and climate maps, and learn how weather and climate are generalised into world climate zones. The concept of biomes will be explored, each with distinctive climate, soil, flora, fauna and human activity.