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The principle focus of teaching science at St Richard's is for the children to experience and observe the amazing natural and human-constructed world around them, to increase the children’s science knowledge and to develop the essential skills of scientific enquiry. For the children to look more closely at the world, to become curious, ask questions and to broaden their scientific view of our incredible world through exploring, talking about, testing and developing ideas. It is our intention to cultivate a respect for nature and develop an awareness of issues concerning pollution, the environment and sustainability. Topics include Seasonal Change, Animals including Humans, All living things and their habitats, Plants, Evolution and Inheritance, Materials, Forces, Electricity, Sound and Light.


At St Richard's we use the Kent Primary Science Scheme of Work to support planning and learning of the Science National Curriculum for England.

We also use the progression of skills documents and knowledge matrices that have been created by PLAN (Pan-London Assessment Network). 

This enables us to have a good understanding of prior and future learning needs in each area of the curriculum. It also provides possible misconceptions that may be encountered as well as subject specific vocabulary and learning outcomes. 

Science Ambassadors

Science Ambassadors have a very important role at St Richard's. Neil and Emily play an important part in promoting and developing science in the school,  ensuring science continues to have a high profile. 

Science Photograph Competition 2021

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