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Samphire Class

Worship at the Mandir and at home.

In Year 5, we began the day by gaining a better understanding of Hindu beliefs and culture. We looked at the life of a Hindu child and compared it to our own life.


Later, we explored the characteristics of the many deities who all form Brahman to gain a better understanding of Hindu beliefs. We explored what worship (puja and arti) looked like and again compared this to Christian worship. We chose a deity whose characteristics we identified with and drew a portrait of them to be the focal point of a shrine, or murti.


Finally, we studied the places of Hindu worship and the importance of symbolism within these places of worship. We explored the features of a Hindu temple, or mundir, and made links to Christian churches. We completed our learning by creating an art piece to depict a Hindu shrine, including the religious items and artefacts typically found during Hindu worship.


Our learning was celebrated when we shared our learning and art work in assembly to the whole school.