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This term, our class text is Emma Jane's Aeroplane by Katie Haworth. The children have spent time listening to the story, sequencing events in the story and acting the story out. They have also been learning about features of newspaper articles so they can write their own newspaper articles about Emma Jane's amazing adventure around the world. So far, the children have really enjoyed Emma Jane's Aeroplane, as it links to our previous learning about landmarks, as Emma Jane visits lots of the world's famous landmarks, and our current learning about the continents and oceans.


In Maths, Lighthouse Class have been working on place value to 50. The children have been counting up to 50, ordering numbers to 50, partitioning numbers into tens and ones and using number lines.

Partitioning into tens and ones using dienes

Ordering numbers to 50 to make a number line

Using a number line

Lighthouse Class have also been learning all about measure. The children have been measuring length and height using cubes and rulers. They have also been using balance scales to measure mass.

Measuring length and height

Measuring mass


In DT, Lighthouse Class are focusing on structures, particularly how to make strong, stable structures. The children were given three pieces of card and 4 straws and had to work out hoe they could build a strong, stable tower.

Making our structures in groups


In Music, Lighthouse Class have been using glockenspiels and their voices to learn about pitch.

Fire engine visit!

We were lucky enough to have a visit from the fire brigade this term! The firefighters came into our school and taught us about 'stop, drop and roll'. The children practised this in the hall. They also got to learn about the parts of a fire engine and even go inside it!

Fire engine visit

Road safety

Lighthouse Class also had a road safety workshop this term. Take a look at some of the photos from the workshop!