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Term 6


In Term 6 we will be looking at the book 'Oliver and the Seawigs’ by Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve. The book supports teaching about character development, emotional response and changes of setting in narrative fiction. The narrative structure is carefully crafted and the characters and settings are well drawn, offering young readers a good model for their own story planning and descriptive writing




This Term we will be focusing on Fractions, shape and statistics. In Fractions, we will be adding and subtracting fractions focusing on the denominator. In shape measuring and drawing angles and looking at different types of lines such as horizontal, vertical and perpendicular. In statistics we will be interpreting and drawing bar charts.


Project (Geography and Art)


 This Term our topic is ‘What happens where land meets sea? We will be looking at coastal areas in the UK, costal erosion and its impact on our environment and marine and sea life in particular its adaption to environmental changes. In Art we will be looking at artists inspired by nature with particular attention to Van Gough



This Term our focus in RE is Reconciliation where we will be looking at the big question ‘What helps me chose well?’  Next, we be focusing on the topic Universal Church where our big question will be ‘What makes a place Special’. We will end this term with our Journey in Love topic where we will be describing and giving reasons for how we grow in love in caring and happy friendships where we are secure and safe.