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Term 2

Term 2- Dinosaurs!

This term our theme is 'Dinosaurs!'. The stories we will be basing our learning around are 'Dinosaur Roar' by Paul and Henrietta Stickland and 'Stomp Chomp Big Roars, Here Come the Dinosaurs!' by Kaye Umansky and Nick Sharratt. We will also be looking at non-fiction texts about dinosaurs, fossils, habitats, woodland animals and autumn this term. We will read the nativity story too, as we draw closer to Christmas time. 

We are looking forward to an Autumn walk to explore the change of seasons, visiting St Paul's for the first time as a class and performing our very first nativity this term! We will be learning about bonfire night and Remembrance day and are looking forward to a special 'dinosaur day' when we will become paleontologists! This is one of our special class rewards from our 10:10 list!

In maths this term, we will be representing, comparing and looking at the composition of numbers to 5, exploring one more and one less, and investigating 2d shapes. We will also be working on positional language and time (daily routines- day, night, morning, afternoon, today, tomorrow etc). 

In phonics, we will be continuing our learning of phase 2 sounds and the corresponding graphemes. We will learn how to blend to read simple words and segment to spell cvc  words (consonant, vowel, consonant e.g- c-a-t). We will also be learning to read many more tricky words by sight. 


Read our medium term plan (below), for more information about the learning we have planned for this term.

Medium Term Plan Year R Term 2

Celebrating Bonfire Night! Year One joined us during the stormy day to create some beautiful firework pictures. We love sparkles!


RE- We have been learning about Diwali, 'The Festival of Lights' which is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. We created Rangoli patterns to bring us good luck. Some of us created symmetrical patterns! Very clever Castle Class!

RE- We created clay Diva lamps. We learnt that Diva lamps are lit to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into peoples homes and to celebrate light over darkness.

Phonics- We are learning how to segment to spell cvc words.

Phonics- We are learning digraphs in phonics! We learnt that a digraph is two letters that make one sound.


The Festival of Colours


In Castle class we learnt about 'Holi' the Festival of Colours. We learnt that it is an ancient Hindu religious festival which is celebrated all over the world. It marks the beginning of spring and is usually celebrated in March. The festival begins with a Holika bonfire which people sing and  dance around. The following day, everyone celebrates in the streets with a carnival of colour!  They throw colourful powders and water onto each other and sing, dance and have fun together! We experienced this by having our very own 'Festival of Colour', using special powder paints designed for Holi. We had so much fun!

We went on our first school trip to the cinema!

We have been learning about 2D shapes in maths. We explored the work of Kandinsky, then created our own 2D shape pictures using triangles and circles. We added chalk and blended it on our shapes to create a real 'Kandinsky' style to our art work. Every piece of art was completely unique and beautiful! 

We chose a dinosaur day for one of our 10:10 treats! Our favourite activity was exploring real fossils and then making our own using clay!

We decorated our class Christmas tree!

RE- We learnt, then re-told the Nativity story using a story map. We have learnt about the Advent Wreath and what each candle represents. We explored Jesus' gifts, brought to him by the three Kings- gold, frankincense and myrrh!

We had a very special visit from Father Christmas!

We made our first Christingles and enjoyed a Christmas party!