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2023-2024 Newsletters

Newsletters can be found at the bottom of the page in order from when they were posted!!

Online Safety Newsletter March 2024

This month's newsletter is how to keep safe on Fortnite: Battle Royale and Instagram. It also explains how to minimise screen time for children as well as for adults. Did you know that as adults, we should not be looking at a screen for more than 8 hours a day? 


Online Safety Newsletter February 2024

This month's newsletter is all about how we can stay safe when using the PlayStation. There are useful tips for you to look at, including setting up parental controls and staying safe online.


Online Safety Newsletter January 2024

First of all, we at St Richard's would like to wish you a very happy new year, may it be a safe one!

As we enter the new year, you may have bought your child/children a new electronic device. Have you set up parental controls yet? If not, this months newsletter is all about setting up parental controls on new devices, with step to step instructions! It also talks about YouTube and how to be safe there - as YouTube works on algorithms and 'trending' videos.

Did You know? You are not allowed to create a YouTube account or post videos unless you are over 13!

If children are under 13, they must have adult/parental supervision when accessing videos.


Online Safety Newsletter December 2023

Merry Christmas! This month's newsletter is all about getting to know age ratings for various social apps, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how to tackle cyberbullying and fake profiles. There are many helpful links to assist you! Make sure you and your child are safe over the internet this Christmas!


Online Safety Newsletter November 2023

This month's newsletter is all about how to keep safe when using a PlayStation 4/5 online. It also covers information on Roblox (a PC/mobile game rated PEGI 12) and the app TikTok (Age rating: 13+). The newsletter tells you how to keep safe on both these apps, as well as how to report any abuse. The newsletter also mentions the new FC 24 game (Formally FIFA) releasing soon, which is rated PEGI 3, but has in-game purchases which you might need to be wary of, and how to stop children from buying things in-game without permission. 


Online Safety Newsletter October 2023

This month's newsletter is all about livestreaming and playing games online. There is a detailed guide to what livestreaming is, and how to keep your child safe whilst they are playing games online.

This newsletter also gives you useful links on how to set up parental controls on various video game devices, including Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch!