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At St. Richard's we place great  emphasis on good behaviour and we believe it should be founded on self-discipline and self-esteem. According to our Behaviour Policy, our aims in this area are: 


  • To ensure that the behaviour of the children makes a positive contribution to their education, both academically and morally
  • To prevent the misbehaviour of some children adversely affecting the happiness or education of others
  • To provide a safe and secure environment at school for all members of the school community


To support these aims we have a system of rewards for good behaviour - children who demonstrate good learning behaviour as well as remembering our values - Love, Kindness, Respect, Honesty, Forgiveness and Hope are awarded 'green slips' and these result in merit certificates. These rewards and others are regularly presented in Celebration Assembly.


Our Behaviour Policy can be found below.

Anti-Bullying and Behaviour Policy