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Languages- Implementation

How do we translate our intent into practice? 


French is taught following the programme ‘Salut’ which supports language acquisition incorporating songs, games and stories. The MFL principles of learning a new language – listening, speaking, reading and writing, are planned and built into lessons, incorporating structured progression across year groups. Repetition is provided to embed learning and enable children to develop confidence. Opportunities are always taken to celebrate different cultures and their spoken language. This takes place in the form of visitors and celebration days as well as regular opportunities to celebrate the children’s own cultures and languages.


Following a review of the Salut programme, for the academic year 2021-2022, the school are implementing a bespoke one-year catch-up programme to develop the children’s awareness of phonics within French. This is to help gain a deeper understanding of phoneme/grapheme correspondence within French which either differs from or is not found with in the English language. This builds on the learning of phonics within early reading from Key Stage 1, developing confidence in decoding and recognising letter strings within French, whilst embedding correct annunciation.

We will be taking a bespoke, multisensory approach, utilising Physical French Phonics by Sue Cave, enabling Key Stage 2 children to address misconceptions and gaps in subject knowledge which are as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. After the year, the approach to phonics within French will be reviewed and adapted as appropriate to allow for language skills progression across the Key Stage.