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Secondary transition support

As we move towards the end of term, we will be starting to prepare the children for their transition to secondary school. This link offers advice, access to helplines, useful information, and many tips on subjects such as transition to secondary school and mental health:

This video from the Anna Freud Foundation is all about the transition to secondary school:

Moving Up! The transition to secondary school (SUBTITLED)

Moving Up! The transition to secondary school is an animation aimed to help year 7 and 6 pupils feel more confident, less anxious and better equipped to cope with the changes associated with moving to secondary school.

In school, we have been focusing our PSHE on a topic called 'Be Awesome! Go Big!'. It's all about getting ready for secondary school, and changing our mindset so we start getting excited about the new challenges ahead.


Have a look at these extra challenges you can complete at home, to help you get ready to 'Go Big!'

Be Awesome! Go Big!