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Year 6 will be taking their Standard Assessment Tests (SATS) between the 9th - 12th May.

This is the timetable for the tests:

Here are two useful resources about how to place SATS into perspective, how to encourage your child to feel confident about themselves coming up to the tests and how to support them in preparing for SATS week.


Maths Revision Resources:

This website is designed for Maths revision with video guides, questions and answers to work through at home. There are also differentiated ‘5 a day’ mixed questions, in a SATS-style format, which the children can use daily to keep their Maths learning current.

The BBC has collated and organised revision resources for Maths, including supporting guides and interactive games for both aspects of the Maths SATS:

Free worksheets where maths questions have been segmented by question type and been taken from previous SATs papers.

Interactive quizzes for all areas of KS2 maths - marked as you play.

English Revision Resources

A variety of games to practise spelling, punctuation and grammar rules

An interactive game to learn and practise English skills

Interactive quizzes to practise all areas of KS2 English - marked as you play.