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Religious Education



Our team at St Richard’s School acknowledges that Religious Education is a lifelong process and recognises that the primary years are significant in the lasting impact they have upon our children. 


The aims of religious education in St Richard’s Catholic Primary School will include the following:

  • To create a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment.
  • To deepen knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith through prayer and the Gospels.
  • Helping to foster pupil’s awareness that our Christian faith is not just a subject for learning, but a complete way of life.
  • To promote the spiritual and moral development of the children.
  • To lead the children to a living and active faith by helping them to become aware of God’s presence in their lives, to listen to Him and to respond to His invitation to enter into a personal relationship with Him through prayer.
  • To give the children the experience of a Christian caring and inclusive community where all members are valued.
  • To involve parents/carers in the spiritual development of their children.