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Samphire Class

Worship in the Synagogue

Retelling the story of Moses - The Exodus

We solved puzzles to create a section of the Exodus story. As a class we retold the events which led to Moses leading the Israelites to freedom from Egypt and to discovering God's word in the 10 commandments. This retelling helped us to remember back to our Topic 5 learning where we learned about the story of Passover and the symbolism used in Passover celebrations and compared this to the events of the last supper.

We were reminded that, during Pesach, Jewish people remember the story of how God delivered them from slavery in Egypt, how God still takes care of them and how they is still the need for freedom in some places of the world.

We completed our session by learning a song about Moses in Egypt, Go down Moses.

Worship at the synagogue.

After learning about what a synagogue was, how it is used by the Jewish communities and key features within a synagogue, we created non-chronological reports about our learning.

The Shema Prayer

We had the chance to explore Jewish religious symbols including the Torah, a kippah and a traditional seder plate. We explored the Shema prayer, looking at it's translation and similarities to our values as Catholics. We wrote our own version focusing on the values.