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History- Implementation

St Richard’s teachers use the Rising Star’s History complete curriculum programme which provides three half-termly units of work per year group to engage pupils and encourage curiosity about their own local history and key events which shaped the wider world.

From Year 1 to Year 6 the breadth of each unit increases, expanding from understanding to importance of story-telling and sequencing events to comparing across time and civilizations.


Historical knowledge is formed from constructing and sequencing the past, developing an in-depth awareness of themes, events and societies throughout time.


Historical enquiry begins with asking and answering questions, understanding different ways of finding out about the past, leading on to reaching valid and substantial conclusions, independently commenting confidently on a range of sources. 


From studying change and making comparisons in Key Stage One to commenting independently on significant events, the causes and effects and the reasons for different interpretations by the end of Key Stage Two, historical concepts are explored across a wide range of eras and cultures.


These topics also complement the Rising Star Geography curriculum which is also followed throughout the school, allowing for meaningful links between the pupil's History and Geography learning and understanding.