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History- Implementation

St Richard’s have developed their own curriculum programme which provides learning (according to our progression of skills documents and the National Curriculum) to engage pupils and encourage curiosity about their own local history and  world history.


We teach engaging lessons that bring the past to life; we arouse the children’s curiosity and encourage them to become active and independent learners.

We encourage children to think carefully and critically as they develop their own questions and research the past. We develop historical enquiry skills and build on knowledge gained in previous years to create an inquisitive historian, who has the building blocks of skills and knowledge in place to be able to assess and understand history.


We use a wide range of resources, drama and historical artefacts to inspire historical inquiry and support this with a variety of history-based school trips to local museums, historical sites and places of historical interest. Wherever relevant, we think about British Values and how these impact on events from the past.