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Other Deities

Year 4 learned about how Brahman can be portrayed in many ways and that there are hundreds of deities for Hindus.


They are all connected or related to one of the three Trimurti depending on which is closest to their roles. For example, Hindus pray to Ganesha when they are looking for good opportunities because he is the destroyer of obstacles. Ganesha is therefore related to/connected to Shiva the destroyer. Most deities will have their own stories to research, their own look and items to hold to show elements of their personalities and many will also have pets/vehicles connected to them. Some even have Avatars where they have become human and had adventures e.g. the Ramayana.


We created some beautiful work in our books to display all of our learning. We were lucky enough to try a dish that is popular with many Hindu people: vegetable biryani. We all agreed that it was delicious!