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Transition Information

Welcome to our transition page.

Over the next few months there will be opportunities for you to visit the local secondary schools. It is a fantastic time to explore the schools and find out what they are about. by visiting them and speaking with the staff and students you will be able to make a well informed decision as to the best secondary schools to apply to for you. This page will be updated as we receive the information. We are here to support you with this journey so please speak to us if you have any questions.

The following pages are a selections of the local secondary schools with links to their websites. 

If you are considering applying for a grammar school position, please remember to apply for the Kent test as well as the Shepway (Dover) test. There are deadlines for these applications as the tests are early next year.

Further information regarding the comprehensive secondary schools and further transition information will follow next year.

Other schools in the local area include the following:


Barton Court Grammar [Co-ed grammar]

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys

Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls

St. Anslems Catholic School

The Archbishop's School

Spires Academy Canterbury (Sturry)



Brockhill Park Performing Arts College (Hythe)

Folkestone Academy

Folkestone School for Girls [Girls grammar]

The Harvey Grammar School [Boys grammar]

The Marsh Academy

Turner Free School.

Here is the power point which was shown at the Year 5 meeting. On this power point are all the dates, links and details you may need for a successful transition.