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Home Learning for SEN Pupils


The resources on this page will support those with additional needs but may also be useful for all children so please take a look through. We want to ensure that the children are supported as best as possible during this tricky time and understand that some children require a more personalised approach to their learning. Due to this, it may be that the resources can be used to break down tasks, provide a visual support or help you adapt the given tasks where necessary or possible.


On this page I will frequently update the page with resources, activities and aids to be used alongside your child's home learning. The resources can be found under the different areas of need:


  • Cognition and Learning- eg dyslexia, dyscalculia or difficulties with working memory.
  • Physical and Sensory- eg fine motor difficulties, sensory processing difficulties or specific impairments
  • Communication and Interaction- eg ASD, speech and language difficulties, Developmental Language Disorder
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health- eg ADHD, difficulties with self-esteem, attachment difficulties 


Also take a look at:

The resources on

Free Webinar- British Dyslexia Association 

Nessy is also offering a free trial

Twinkl is also currently free for parents: