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Today's code for SPAG and reading on LBQ is:

Apologies people trying to log on at home - I misread the squiggly 'g' in the code. It's actually pgq today for LBQ



Another picture from Pobble this morning Year 6 - it's called 'The Great Game'. Read the story starter and have a look at the picture closely, then see if you can answer the questions and complete the other activities. Good luck!

Story starter!

Chris and Tom had always loved playing Subbuteo at home in their attic room. However, their game of Subbuteo was a bit more exciting than the version you’ll see in most houses.


Question time!

How is Chris and Tom’s game different to other versions?

What is your favourite game to play at home/at school?

Why is football referred to as ‘the great game’?

How do you think the games children play have changed over history?

Their game of Subbuteo…

Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

Chris and Tom had a football pitch in their attic room. It had grass. It had players. It had a crowd. It had a referee.

Sentence challenge!

Can you add extend these simple sentences to make them into complex sentences?

The player kicked the ball.

The referee’s whistle sounded.

The crowd began to roar.

Chris picked up an outfield player.




Problem solving Friday! Have a go at the challenges and then look at the answers and see how you did. Good luck!