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Friday 29th

It's Friday!

Today's tasks are as follows. If you need anything please don't hesitate to contact us- we're always here to support you! Friday's can be difficult; your little one is probably quite tired from working all week.


Our zoom link:

See you at 9am for Phonics and 1:45pm for RE with Mrs Good! :)



Recapping letter sounds: Please watch these videos every day and practice the actions/ tricky words.

Monster Phonics Pure Speech Sounds:

Tricky Word Song:


Daily Zoom session: Today we will be reviewing this week's tricky words. We will review this week's words (He, me and be) along with last weeks (she, we, and they). We will then try writing tricky words- teacher will say a tricky word and the children will find the correct flashcard and then write it down. To finish off, we will listen to the Phase 3 Tricky Word Song and do some skywriting with a pencil/ wand/ ribbon.



Make a beautiful green froggy tricky word poster!

Draw/ stick green froggy in the middle of your page and add the words: He, She, Me, We, Be.

Make the green froggy e sounds green and put the poster up somewhere you can see it!


Handwriting: Today's letter is g.

Hand warm-up:

Practice writing the letter 'g' in cursive at the back of your exercise book.

See here for Letter Formation Guide Video playlist (videos in alphabetical order).



Please read with your child every day.

Today's Phonics Play Decodable Comic Book: Buzz (below in resources)


Teach Your Monster to Read – Reading game. Please complete one island/ gate per day.

Our Log in link:


Look at this website for other free books you can read:

You will need to set up a free account with Oxford Owl using your email address to access this content.



Please follow this link and watch Session 5: Measuring Ingredients.

Then complete the activity:

Please take photographs during practical activities and send them and any exercise book work via email to Miss Hunt.

If you don't have the ingredients to make playdough as suggested above, here are some more recipes that measure in 'cups'. You can usually use any standard size mug for a cup measurement as long as you use the same mug throughout.

BBC Good Food Easy Peasy Pancakes

Classic Vanilla Cupcakes (includes 1/2 cup measures)

Easy Mug Bread




Afternoon Activities:

  • RE zoom with Mrs Good
  • Purple Mash 2Do's: Paint Project- Farm Scene and Jigsaw- Tractor.

Friday 29th Resources: