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Term 5

This term, we are learning about there history of different forms of transport. We will be using timelines to represent the history of transport and comparing past forms of transport with present forms of transport. We will be learning about famous vehicle inventors and we will be designing our own vehicles. Also, we will be learning about famous explorers and tracking their journeys by exploring maps/atlases. 

This Term's Class Book is

'The Little Engine That Could'


This is a wonderful retelling of 'The Good Samaritan' story which fits our school values perfectly. It also teaches a very important lesson about the amazing power of positive thinking. I highly recommend that your child has their own copy of this timeless classic. 


We will be exploring this story in detail throughout this term. We will be planning, writing and editing our own version of this story. We will be writing a thank you letter to The Little Engine. We will be writing instructions on how to be a good little engine. Also, we will be creating a persuasive poster about riding The Little Engine. 

Message Board

Please donate empty show boxes, cereal boxes and kitchen roll tubes to help us make our own vehicles. 


Please donate any unwanted transport themed toys (e.g. cars, car mats, train sets, planes, etc.) for our Transport Topic.


Please donate any unwanted puppets or costumes for our role play corner.