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The Trap- Part 1 (Plus, I get the giggles)

I am so sorry. Dom interrupts me halfway through and I can't hold in my giggles!!

1. (Infer) Why does the explorer want to show Fred how to set a trap?
2. What does the explorer use a knife for?
3. Why can’t Fred grow a beard?

4. (Predict) Predict what ‘the trap’ might be.

5. (Retrieve) What is the explorer’s hammock made from?
6. How did the explorer know it was Fred?



Have a go at TTRS and fight for your team! Will you be an MVP this week? 


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Just a few words of advice about the maths. Please be very honest when completing the work. You should be working it out yourself, not using a calculator. Once you have finished, then check your work against the answers. If you can't do one, leave it. 


If you copy the answers, then I think you understand it and don't think you need extra help. If I can see you are struggling, then I can help you more. If you have problems dividing, click here to go to the bitesize page and that may help you :)


Parents- if you would like, this website 'oxford owl' goes through the different steps the children should know, with some helpful games to boost learning. 

Spr5.3.3 - Divide 4-digits by 1-digit

P.E. Weekly Challenge


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Meeting Code: 725 757 6561