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The Ruined City- Part 1

1. (Vocabulary) Why do you think the title refers to the city as ‘ruined’?

2. What does ‘children are just undercooked adults’ mean?

3. (Inference) How do you think the children feel?

4. Why does Max cry so much?

5. (Retrieve) What is the man holding?

6. Who does the man have with him?

7. (Summarise) Write 5 words to describe the man. 



Have a go at TTRS and get that multiplication knowledge as quick as you can! 


There's a new competition this week! I have put you into two teams, I will let you know which team you are in over zoom! 

English Lesson via Zoom- 10 am


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English Task


Lesson 1: Writing in the First Person

Objectives: To identify a writer’s use of first person and personification in a poem.

To use the technique of personification in a poem, while speaking in the first person. 


It is important that you join the zoom lesson- otherwise you won't understand what you need to do! 

Can you write a poem, pretending to be the sun? I would like you to use personification in your poem to enhance the imagery for the reader. 


You could start your poem with: I am the sun...



Today we are continuing to practice multiplying 2-digit and 4-digit numbers

Multiply up to a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number

Worship Assembly via Zoom- 11:45 am


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The password has been sent in an email to parents

RE lesson Monday



After the priest has said the words of consecration he genuflects in adoration of the real presence of Christ and then says, “The mystery of faith”.  It is called mystery of faith because we cannot fully understand it or explain it, but Catholics believe that Jesus is truly present.  This is the opportunity for the people to say out loud what they believe.  There are three acclamations the people may make, (often they are sung).  These are addressed to the person of Jesus.  The first one is:


We proclaim your Death,

O Lord and profess your

Resurrection until you come again.


The second one is:


When we eat this Bread and drink this Cup,

We proclaim your Death, O Lord,

Until you come again.


The third one is:


Save us Saviour of the world,

For by your Cross and Resurrection

You have set us free



The words of the mystery of faith tell of the sacrifice of Jesus as it speaks of his death. The words of the consecration repeat the words that Jesus used at the Last Supper when he said his body was to be given up for us and his blood shed for us.  The Eucharist is a memorial of the sacrifice of Jesus when he was crucified on the Cross and the memory of it becomes present to all believers in a special way.


Task: Can you illustrate the words of one of these responses using pictures or symbol supported text?

Afternoon Zoom- 2:45 pm