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Friday 09/07

Because nothing says FRIDAY like a smiling dog! We made it Year 6! Hooray! I hope you have all had as good a week as is possible being at home - and enjoyed some of the things we've done on the website. 


Only 1 week and 3 days of school left - and the whole of that week will be full of fun (we hope!). 


PLEASE Don't forget to keep working on your memories. Get them recorded and email them to me if you can!


Today's activities (can be done in any order)

  • LBQ
  • Memories paragraphs
  • Art - 
  • Maths 
  • English 


Today's code is:


The last op-art activity today. Have a look at the video and see what you can create. HUGE well done to George for yesterday - he created a fantastic piece of work and emailed it in to me. Well done to everyone else who had a go too.

Art activity idea: Easy, effective Op-Art for beginners.


Just for fun - and because we have finished the Year 6 curriculum and you are all MATHS MASTERS, have a go at playing the BBC Bitesize Maths game - Guardians of Mathematica. See how far you can get - and whether you get further than you did in the last lockdown. Good luck!


A silly task today Year 6....

When you get to secondary school, you may well have the opportunity to do a school exchange - where you swap places with a child from another country and stay with their family. Today's task is about a school exchange with some strange creatures. Have a look at the instructions on the sheet, and then see whether you can make up some details about the creature you choose and write a diary entry about your week with them.