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Reading at Home


"Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible"

Barack Obama


In Term 5, your child will receive 2-3 books at a time.

At least one of these will be a phonics book, featuring the sounds your child has already learned. They should be able to decode the letters and blend the sounds together to read each word. Your child may need help to blend the sounds together, which can be offered by saying the word very slowly, stretching out each sound. These could take the form of a short laminated comic, a word matching book, or a storybook.


The other type of book will be a colour banded Oxford Reading Tree book with familiar Biff Chip and Kipper characters that your child will choose themselves. These are used to extend your child's vocabulary and comprehension and is a 'read for pleasure' book to share with your child, rather than for them to sound out.


Books will be changed throughout the week, so please bring your reading record and reading books to school every day.


  • Please read with and to your child every day.
  • 2-4 books will be given per week on average.
  • Record all reading you do inside your Reading Record.
  • Bring your books and reading records in the waterproof zip lock bag to school every day.


The Book Trust Reading Guides for reading with 4-6-year-olds can be found below in 4 languages.


At St Richard's, we use Green Slips to reinforce positive behaviour.

Children who also demonstrate good learning behaviour as well as remembering our values - Love, Kindness, Respect, Honesty, Forgiveness and Hope are awarded 'Green slips', and these result in merit certificates. Your child may get more than one green slip in a day.  These rewards and others are regularly presented in Celebration Assembly.


Green slips work separately from the Year R Double Rainbow Peg system.

In our Year R classroom, we run a secondary positive reinforcement behaviour system alongside our green slips, often referred to as "Double Rainbow" or "Pegs".


Each child has a clothes peg with their name on it. At the start of the day, all children are on "Blue Sky" at the bottom of the chart. Their peg can be moved up for a range of good choices and behaviour such as following instructions, good sitting and listening, or being kind to others.


The challenge is to move your peg all the way up to Double Rainbow by the end of the day for a reward! :)



Rainbow: A superstar sticker.

Double Rainbow: A dojo point! When you get 5, they can be exchanged for a prize from our special prize box!


For a general overview of the school's behavior policy, please see the webpage linked below.


This term Dynamic Sports Coaching (DSC) will be teaching Multisports for PE on a Tuesday morning.

Please come to school dressed in your PE kit and remove jewelry. 

Earrings should be removed before you come to school.


See the page linked below for advice on how to keep your child active and healthy at home.