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Wednesday 5th January 2022


Good morning Year 2!


Another day of online learning for us :). Have a look below for today's activities. 


Daily Timetable


It can be pretty tricky working at home, so here is a timetable guide to help you throughout the day. 


9.00am - 9.30am


Register, Morning Prayer & Check In

9.30am - 9.35amBrain / Wiggle Break!
9.35am - 10.20amEnglish Task
10.20am - 10.40am

Break Time

Go outside if you can :)

10.40am - 11.00am


Read your school reading book to an adult

11.00am - 11.05amBrain / Wiggle Break!
11.05am - 12.00pmMaths Task
12.00pm - 12.10pmStory Time
12.10pm - 12.15pmBrain / Wiggle Break!
12.15pm - 1.15pm

Lunch Time & Prayer

Go outside if you can :)

1.15pm - 1.30pm


Quiet Reading

1.30pm - 2.30pmP.E. Tasks
2.30pm - 3.00pm


Story Time, Prayer & End of Day


Have a look below for all of the links you will need for today :).


All Zoom links will be emailed directly to your grown ups.




You all know these prayers very well however, I have popped a copy here for you just incase you need them :).





Today, you are going to summarise the story of The Great Fire of London using your knowledge from yesterday's session and video.


We are going to use a story board structure to help us - have a look at the example below:



Start by drawing pictures to 'chunk' the story.


Then, write short, simple sentences to explain what is happening in each picture. 


Challenge yourself by including adjectives in your sentences.





Today, we are going to look at counting money using pence (coins). 


This can get a little tricky, so here is a short video to help you understand a little better. 


Counting Money in Pence - Video Link


The questions from the worksheet are below. Use this to follow what the video is asking you to do.


If you are lucky enough to have a printer, print the sheet off to use. If not, simply draw/write your answers on a piece of paper.






This term we are learning about The Great Fire of London. 


Look carefully at the following photos - the first is of London in 1666 and the second is London now.


Identify and list any similarities and differences. Explain your reasons for any differences that you spot.


London 1666


London 2021




Brain / Wiggle Breaks


Choose from the following active videos to give your brain a break and have a good wiggle!


Clap It Out! - Video Link


Don't Read Like a Robot! Video Link


Get Yo' Body Movin'! - Video Link