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Weekly Spelling Lists

Please practise the spellings using a range of activities.

We will be exploring the different phonemes and graphemes in class but children need to practise at home to become fluent.

Spellings quizzes will be on Fridays to allow the weekend and following week to practise.

Week 1 - WC 6/9/21 and WC 13/9/21

Week 2 - WC 20/9/21

Week 3 - WC 27/9/21

Week 4 - WC 4/10/21

Week 5 - WC 11/10/21


Homophones can be slightly more difficult to learn. Not only do they need to be able to follow spelling patterns, but also they need to learn the context to correctly apply each word. A trick to help is to learn the context. It will help if the children practise putting the words into sentences.

Week 6 - WC 18/10/21