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Today's code for SPAG and reading on LBQ is:


There is also a Maths task today - to help with a bit more practising of multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000.


As the bubbles at school are doing PE today, English today is another exercise in reading comprehension. This morning - in honour of the Science Jamboree - I would like you to read the information about a truly brilliant scientist: Stephen Hawking. 

Once you have read the information, have a look at the questions and a go at answering them - either on the sheet, or just on a piece of paper. You can check your answers using the last 2 pages and see how you did at the end!


Have a look at the White Rose video below. Then have a go at the work which goes with oit. You can mark your work once you're done using the answer sheet.

Year 6 - Week 5 - Lesson 2 - Multiply decimals by integers


Today we are going to be looking at the third session of our PSHE topic on 'Be Awesome, Go Big'.  Last week, we agreed that to be AWESOME, you need to be brave and not be afraid of fear. You were going to think about what you could do to overcome a fixed mindset. In this session we will be reflecting on hopes, dreams and why it is we fear failure. Be honest with yourself when you complete the work from the book about your worries - it will help you start to know yourself better,  as you get ready for secondary school.