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Good morning Year 6. How are you all this morning? I hope you all remembered your sun cream if you were outside yesterday - because it was HOT! It looks like it's going to cool down today... so fingers crossed I don't have to try and suncream my wriggly children before we go out in the garden later this afternoon.


Today's code for LBQ for reading and SPAG is :



We are carrying on with out unit about gadgets for spies today. I would like you to look carefully first of all activity 3. In this activity, the structure of the persuasive advert has been explained - you don't need to write anything for this activity; just read it carefully.


Once you have learned about how the advert is structured, I would like you to complete activities 4,5 and 6.


In activity 4, you will be looking at the features of persuasion ( we have done some of this in school, so it shouldn't be completely new to you all). Go back to the text and find at least one example from the text for each feature and add them to the toolkit (you can just jot them down on paper - or in your exercise book).


Once you have done activity 4 - DO ACTIVITY 6 NEXT. In activity 6 you get to come up with your idea for your spy gadget :) I quite like the sound of a teacher pleaser machine....I wonder if it would make me a cup of coffee at breaktimes. Once you have your idea, make a note of:


Who is the gadget for?    

Catchy name for the gadget 
Features      Bonuses/extras  

Key reason for purchasing 


Finally today, have a look at activity 5 - all about quotations. You will be writing 3 quotations to help sell your gadget - they could be from experts, scientists or previous owners - have a look at the examples, and come up with your own.



Watch the mini lesson below and then have a go at the work below. You can mark your work using the answers below.

Year 6 - Week 3 - Lesson 3 - Add and subtract fractions


Today I have set you a new 2do on Purple Mash - to create an animation using 2Animate. Before you get started, please watch this instruction video which tells you clearly how to use the tools in this programme. You will find it at the top of the page:



You can create your animation using any idea you have - it doesn't have to be a plant growing like the example in the video. The only thing I am setting as a rule is:


  • It has to have a minimum of 6 frames (you can have as many as you would like - so there is no maximum number)

Good luck Year 6 - and have fun!