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Tuesday 12th

Good morning Castle Class!

Today's tasks are as follows. Thank you to everyone who has sent me their work- remember you get a dojo pint every time I receive your work on purple mash or via email!


Our zoom link:​​​​​​​

See you at 9am and 1:45pm!



Recapping letter sounds: Please watch this monster phonics video every day and practice the actions.

Monster Phonics Pure Speech Sounds:

Monster Phonics Actions:

Daily Zoom session: Today is our second lesson recapping 'oo' for the book. We wrote a shared sentence together 'I stood in a wood'.



Make and write sentences using your flashcards (cook, book, took, shook, wood, hood, good, stood) and write them in your exercise book- you can support your child orally by saying the word slowly so they can hear each individual sound.

For example; I shook the book, I am good, I had a hood, The wood is good.

Please take pictures of the sentences you've written and send them to Miss Hunt to see!



Teach Your Monster to Read – Reading game. Please complete one island/ gate per day.

Our Log in link:


Read Phonics Play Decodable Comic Books: Pat (below in resources)

Please read a book with your child every day.

Look at this website for free books you can read:



Please follow this link and watch Session 2- How Many? Representing Zero.

Complete the activity:

Please take photographs during practical activities and send them and any exercise book work via email to Miss Hunt.


Afternoon Activities:

  • Purple Mash 2Do's: Superhero number game and Mashcam: Superhero Roleplay.
  • Go for a superhero walk- can you fight off the bad guys?



Tuesday 12th Resources:​​​​​​​