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Monday 8th February


Multiply by 4

Watch the video and pause the video to answer the problems. The answer the question sheet underneath in your books.


Task: Edit your non-chronological report.

Today, you are going to complete the next step as an author. You will be editing your writing from over the past few weeks and will need to revisit previous pages within your books to find the opening, appearance and diet and hunting subsections and the closing paragraph.

I will be marking your writing against the success criteria to see if you have included each element we have studied.

Success criteria:

Grammar, punctuation and spelling.

  • Use of different nouns.
  • Use of expanded noun phrases.
  • Co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions. to create compound and complex sentences.
  • A range of sentence starters.
  • Use of the 6 key words we have learnt this term.


  • A heading.
  • Rhetorical question in the opening to hook the reader.
  • Sub-headings.
  • A range of facts about the portia spider in appropriate sections.
  • A change of tense - looking to the future - in the closing.

Checking the writing non-negotiables we agreed on.


D1 Reading.mp4

Still image for this video