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Literacy help (inc Phonics)

Phonics (for Reading and Writing)


What is phonics?


How can I help my child with phonics?


Letters and Sounds- Parent Guidance.


Phonics resources

Phonics play is granting free access to their phonics and reading games. You can use the free log on information on their home screen.

ICT Games- Literacy Games (free)

Top Marks- Blending Game 'Cat word-machine'


Reading resources

Please use this link to access your child's 'Teach Your Monster to Read' account:


Oxford Owl offers access to their free e-book library here:

PhonicsPlayComics offers a series of decodable comics to read with your child.

Oak National Academy offers a wide range of literacy resources, mostly compromised of video lessons.


Writing Resources

Video tutorials- how to write in lowercase cursive: Handwriting practice:

ICT Games 'Skywriter' is a good tool for practicing letter formation in the air.


Find below a series of printable resources for improving letter formation, number formation, and pencil control.