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Good morning Year 6. How are you all doing?


Today's code for LBQ for SPAG and reading is:



For English today, we will be thinking more about the gadget you hopefully designed yesterday. You need to complete activity 7 first - where you will be drawing a diagram of it. Make sure to label you diagram with the different features it offers. 


Once you have completed your drawing, have a go at activities 8 and 9. In activity 8, you will be planning your persuasive advert in detail - and then reading it through with someone at home in activity 9. It is important to plan your persuasive piece thoroughly - so that when we come to write it tomorrow, we have a clear idea of what it is going to look like.


Watch the mini lesson on The White Rose website below. More fractions today. Once you have watched the video, have a go at the work in your exercise book and mark it using the answers.

Year 6 - Week 3 - Lesson 4 - Mixed addition and subtraction


Time to practise some more Geography skills today.  We will be learning about fossil fuels and renewable energy using the BBC Bitesize lesson you can find here:

Watch the video with Sue Venir and then read the information about renewable energy and wind farms. There are 3 activities to complete on this lesson:


-Activity 1 is an online quiz about renewable energy


-Activity 2 is a word search on renewable energy. If you can't print it, don't worry. You can always use the snipping tool (use the search bar next to the start button and type 'snip' to find it). Snip around the wordsearch box and then use the pen to draw round the words you find.


-Activity 3 is a comprehension about energy and populations. Again, if you can't print it, don't worry - you can read the information and then answer the questions in your exercise book or on a piece of paper.