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Hooray... it's Friday! I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend - you've certainly all been working very hard, so you all deserve a happy weekend full of fun!

Today's timetable looks like this:

These are suggested times (apart from the Zoom lessons), so fit your learning in when works best for you and your family.


In this lesson, we will introduce new vocabulary, identify word pairs and synonyms and apply the vocabulary in sentences.


Watch the video - and follow the instructions the teacher gives you. Pause the video to do the activities and then complete the independent work at the end of the lesson


For arithmetic today, something different. I would like you to log on to the website below to play.....

Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica

(it's fun I promise!)


Choose a character, have a go at the training arena (the first few questions are really easy) and then go on your mathematical quest.


You can go visit lots of different areas on the map.... like the Forest of Fractions. Have a go and have some fun!



Watch the White Rose video - you can pause it as you are watching to have a go at joining in with the activities. When you get to the end, have a go at the work in your home learning book. You will need to have the worksheet open on a device in front of you and then do your working out and answering in the book. Once you have completed the task, you can use the answer sheet to mark your work before an adult emails me a picture of it. Good luck - and remember to email me if you have any questions.

Spr6.2.5 - Fractions to decimals (1)


Log on to LBQ and have a go at the comprehension exercise. The code today is:

Remember to use your full name (including surname) and your own chosen passcode to log in.

Afternoon lesson - PE

Normally you would be at school doing your PE lesson with DSC, so Danny has recorded you another PE challenge to have a go at. If your PE doesn't take you very long - you can log on to either EDshed or TTRS and play some games.

PE Video 5

Still image for this video