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What is Phonics?


Systematic Synthetic Phonics is the statutory method of teaching Early Reading in the UK. Throughout Reception and Key Stage 1, your child will learn a series of sounds (phonemes) and letters (graphemes) that will enable them to read words.


At St Richard's, we use the Monster Phonics scheme.


In Term 3, we will be recapping all Phase 2 sounds, these Phase 3 sounds: j v w x y z zz qu ch sh th ng

and starting to learn these Phase 3 vowel diagraphs: long oo, ar, short oo, ow, ee, ur, ai, or


We will be recapping these sight words (words that cannot be sounded out): I    no   to    go   the    into

And will be learning Phase 3 sight words:  he    me    she    we    my    they    was    her    all


Pure Speech Sounds- Monster Phonics

Use this video to practice the initial pure speech sounds and actions (Phase 2 and 3).

Monster Phonics Monster Sound Actions- Monster Phonics

This video shows the actions for each of the long vowel sounds, the tricky letters, the silent letters, and the phonetic letters.