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Day 2


Session 2- One Odd Day

Please watch the video lesson and complete the activity. 

Take photographs of your work and upload to EExAT through your parent account.



Please read the e-book "A bag on the bus":

Your child can read the large writing, whilst an adult reads the more complex sentences at the bottom of the page to give further context.

Please record your reading inside your child's reading record.



This week we will be learning a range of CVC+ words using our Phase 3 sounds.

  1. Read your flashcards you made yesterday, sounding out and blending the sounds together if needed. Put the cards that need practise to the side.
  2. Please re-revisit the ebook document below "The Enormous Turnip", your child reading the cream-coloured boxes themselves to guide you both through the book.
  3. Stick the flashcards you need to practise on the doors/ door frames/ banisters around your house, and use them as passwords to access that part of your house. You must say them before you enter!


Make a sentence using your flashcards, making some new ones fill the gaps in your sentence.

For example "The string is strong." (Green words are flashcards, make extra for the and is).

remember to make an extra flashcard for your full stop at the end of your sentence.

Please make a series of sentences using our CCVCC word flashcards, and choose one to write down on paper. Encourage your child to be as independent as possible at this late stage in the year, offering verbal feedback where needed.

Please upload 1 picture of your writing work to EExAT for Miss Hunt to see :)

Optional Afternoon Activities

  • Sing some Hymns with your family; our favourites at school are: '10,000 Reasons' 'My Lighthouse' 'Shine Jesus Shine' 'Walking with Jesus' and 'The Name of Jesus'. Can you clap along to the rhythm? Can you tap a table or a cup in time to the music or dance along to it?
  • Draw a bog baby on some tinfoil- paints or large markers show up well. Wrap your tin foil around some scrap cardboard and hang it up next to a window so you can see it shimmer and shine! Alternatively, you could make a tin foil sculpture of the bog baby!