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Today we are reading half of the chapter called, 'The Explorer'. 

The Explorer- part 1

1. (Vocabulary) What does contemptuous mean? 

2. (Inference) Why does the explorer bring mangos?

3. Why might the explorer not want anyone to know about his island?

4. Why does Fred want to tell everyone about the city?

5. Why are the other children angry with Fred?

6. (Retrieval) Why won’t the passers by be very useful to the children?

7. How long does it take to get to Manaus from the village?



Have a go at TTRS and score some points for your team! Remember, accuracy is important, try to get them all correct. 


English Lesson via Zoom- 10 am


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Lesson 3: Using Colour
To identify and analyse the writer’s vocabulary and use of colour in a poem.
To use colour in a sentence or poem in order to create interesting imagery.


Pick a colour, and make a mind-map of what that colour makes you think about.


Now, in the space on the next page, draw an image that represents the colour that you’ve
been given. What will you include? Consider the following things when you start drawing
your image:
– Any objects that your colour makes you think about
– Any feelings that your colour makes you think about
– Any settings that your colour makes you think about


Finally, write a poem that includes or evokes your chosen colour.


Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (Lesson 2)



Today we are learning about the Geography of Chile, click here to access the lesson. 


Afternoon Zoom- 2:45 pm


Meeting Code: 724 757 6561