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Wednesday 6th January

Good morning everyone.

I can't wait to see you later on Zoom.

Please see today's task and Zoom links below.

Hope you have a great day.

Mr K


Visit either of the websites below, and play one round of the Daily 10 challenge or TT Rock Stars Garage to help get your brains working.

1 - Multiplication - equal groups

Watch the video to help you before completing the work sheet. Answer all questions in your exercise book, not on the sheet please.

Maths Questions


Morning Zoom, register and English input

Join Zoom Meeting at 9:30am

Meeting ID: 983 7278 3194
Passcode: Year3

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
Using descriptive tools (adjectives, expanded noun phrases, adverbs, similes, onomatopoeia) to create a description of this setting.


Read through the information and watch the first two videos. Do not do the activities.


Using the text we read as a part of yesterday's learning (see below), find as many features of a biography as possible. Are there any features of a Biography which are not in the text?


This afternoon, we will be linking Geography and Science where we will be exploring weather. You will need to open the PowerPoint below to view the lesson. Make your way through the slides and complete the tasks in your exercise books.


Afternoon Zoom check in and story.

Join Zoom Meeting at 2:15pm

Meeting ID: 923 4294 0200
Passcode: Year3


Listen to the story about Sir David Attenborough.

After, please write down 3 fact from the book that you found the most interesting.

David Attenborough - Little People, Big Dreams