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Day 5


Session 5- Barrier Game

Please watch the video lesson and complete the activity. 

Take photographs of your work and upload to EExAT through your parent account.



Please read the e-book "The Frog Queen":

Read through some of the ee words and the high-frequency words at the start of the book.

This book is much more complex than the previous books so please take turns reading sentences with your child. They will be able to read the speech bubbles.

Alternatively, read something from, Phase 2-4.

Please record your reading inside your child's reading record.



This week we will be learning a range of CVC+ words using our Phase 3 sounds.

  1. Practise reading the Flashcards you made on Day 1. How quickly can you read them? Time yourself using a stopwatch (can be accessed on a phone).
  2. Use your flashcards to make sentences again. What sentences can you make? Use your grown-up's camera phone/ tablet to take photographs of your sentences. Parents: Please guide your children to use the camera as independently as possible. 
  3. Practise your flashcards again. Can you read them all faster than you could at the beginning? Use the stopwatch again and write down your time. Compare to see when you read them quicker, and when you read them slower.



Listen to the story of the Bog Baby again.

The girls did everything they could to look after the Bog Baby. Write a guide of how to look after a bog baby. We will make a do and don't list. What should we do to take care of him? What shouldn't we do?


Please see these examples (left) of Do and Don't lists for taking care of the bog baby (from Jeanne Willis' website).



Optional Afternoon Activities

Threading: Make some bracelets or necklaces. You can use anything you want; string or ribbon, pasta or beads!

Get moving! Make an obstacle course in your private outside space or inside your house. (Please do not breach self-isolation guidence through this activity).