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Friday 15th January

Good morning everyone.

You have successfully found our learning on our new school site. It may take a little getting used to as it is set out slightly differently. It will also be edited in the near future to sort out any bugs or problems that may arise. don't worry if things move around a little. I will always try to prewarn you.


I hope you are all ready for todays learning tasks.

Please see the tasks below.

Please join us today by taking part in PE with Joe - on YouTube. It is fancy-dress Friday! What will Joe be dressed as this week?

Please message over any questions you may have.

Have a great day!

Mr K



Divide by 2

Watch the clip, answering the questions in your book. Then complete the sheet attached.


Remind yourself of the non-negotiables for writing that we agreed on Zoom yesterday.



The reading lesson for today is reading for pleasure. The choice is yours. Find a text you want to read. It could be your own book, a story online, a comic book or a non-fiction (fact) book.